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Author: Aurélien (page 1 of 2)

Review of the Novatec A291SB-SL/F482SB road hubs

Novatec is part of the biggest hubs manufacturers in the world. If you have never seen  their logo, you should know that the company provides many wheel builders, and there is a chance that the wheelset that is  on your bike is equipped with their products ! Find out one of the most popular model of the Taiwanese brand !

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Koozer XM490 MTB hubs

Koozer ? The brand may probably not ring a bell to you. One more asian brand with limited lifespan ? Maybe too. However Koozer proposes a catalog of very interesting hubs, mainly from the freehub point of view. So let’s go for a review of the Koozer XM490 that is mounted on the recently presented Marin.

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How to change the bearings from a Sram GXP bottom bracket

Here is guide to change the bearings from a Sram GXP bottom bracket.

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Gaea MTB : one year later

The Gaea MTB shown more than a year ago  benefits from a complete overhaul, the perfect opportunity to return to this exceptional assembly !

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Marin MTB

26er, you remember to what it corresponds ?No it is not the width of your handlebar… Neither a new MTB axle standard… If you don’t remember what a 26er is, then this article is for you !

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Cannondale Trail SL 4 2015 : the weights !

A weight weenie, you know what is it ? For those that don’t, this is a cyclist who will search by any means to make his bike lighter, even if this means less confort, durability or aesthetic. Of course this activity isn’t just for an elite, and can apply to both supermarket MTB and a already light carbon bike. Today I propose providing all the weights of a Cannondale Trail SL4 that I totally disassembled for service. Read more

Cross-Country GAEA bike

Presentation of an unusual cross-country bicycle based on the Gaea carbon frame from Carbonalbike.

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Powerway M71 MTB hub

Powerway is a taiwanese hub manufacturer a full range of products to build any type of wheel. Very responsive to the new standards, the company offers 2:1 drilling and customization options.  Read more


Carbonal was founded in 2007 by an engineer from Topkey, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of frames for the world’s leading brands. Based at Xiamen, China, the team is now composed of 15 ingineers, draws, develops, and produces all his products. Consequently, the catalog isn’t very large, but it fullfills roughly all the needs. With almost 10 years of experience in carbon rim manufacturing, the production line has reached a capacity of 8000 units per month, while an other line produces frames and other components on a total area of 5.000 m2.

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Weighings of Aero 424 Cnspokes

Weighings of 100 units of Aero 424 Cnpokes (2.0 – 0.9×2.2 – 2.0) black (XD treatment). The aero 424 spokes are equivalent to Cx-Ray’s from Sapim, and Aero X-tra 1420 from Pillar.
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