Carbonal was founded in 2007 by an engineer from Topkey, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of frames for the world’s leading brands. Based at Xiamen, China, the team is now composed of 15 ingineers, draws, develops, and produces all his products. Consequently, the catalog isn’t very large, but it fullfills roughly all the needs. With almost 10 years of experience in carbon rim manufacturing, the production line has reached a capacity of 8000 units per month, while an other line produces frames and other components on a total area of 5.000 m2.

Professional experience

I started to work with Carbonal in Mai 2012. At the beginning for their components, then for their frames, at finally for their carbon rims. Th périphériques, puis leur cadres, et enfin leurs jantes carbones. It is the most reliable carbon parts manufacturer I know. By that I mean that the few problems encountered with their product have always been quickly fixed by the after-sale services.

Carbon frames

Among the leading models, there have been the 26er Modest SL, that weighs 1050g in 17″ size. This 2011 frame allows to build MTB under 8kg, very stiff while being quite confortable.

The Gaea frame, that is eventually the 29er evolution of the Modest SL, is still available for sell. It benefited from a couple of refinements (better housing and 12x142mm compatibility). That’s not the fanciest frame this days, but it made a lot of people happy thanks to a perfect handling balance. It remains nowadays an excellent choice to build a well balanced bike that is easy to service.

Peter’s Gaea

For the road models, I only sold Talia frames. Finish is quite impressive regarding his age. That model never returned for failure … A solid value for a versatile bike !

More informations on their website.