Powerway is a taiwanese hub manufacturer a full range of products to build any type of wheel. Very responsive to the new standards, the company offers 2:1 drilling and customization options. 

moyeux powerway phb pfh m71

The M71 hub ( PHB+PFH-M71) is a conventional MTB hub for J-bend spokes, light, drilled from 24 to 36 holes, available with 11 speed Shimano freehub body (11 speeds road) or Sram XD, compaitble with QR9, M9 and M15x100 at front, QR10, M10 and M12x142 at rear, thanks to a specific cone system. This is the evolution of the M66, developed to provide a solution to the new standards problematic (like D712sb and D772sb from Novatec).

Geometry is quite simple : 58.2mm PCD (flange diameter) at front and at rear. On a symetric rim, it implies a one or two millimeters spoke length difference between both sides. To avoid too much tension differences between two flanges, it is advisable to use this hubs with assymetric rims.

mécanique interne du moyeux

The rear hub is built on a 17mm diameter 7075 alloy axle. The bearings stand on stops machined on the axle, and then come the freehub body. Finally, ends are screwed on the extremities. They determine the axle standard (9mm QR, 12x142mm…). They also squeeze all the bearings and parts around the axle.

corps de roue libre quatre cliquets

The freehub body use a common system : a steel spring comes around the body and pushes four steel pawls. Three bearings are pressed into the freehub body. One is just at the pawls level. As all the alloy freehub bodies, it’s easily marked by a Shimano cassette.

The freehub body pawls are in contact with 24 notches directly machined in the hub body made of 6061 alloy. That makes 15° engagement. A seal is bonded to assure the hub is sealed correctly.

At the rear, ends are tight with a (very) flat 17mm wrench. At front, ends are directly snaped in the hub bearings. The joint system is simple and efficient. On top of that, it’s easy to remove them for cleaning. This is the same at both rear and front.

moyeux powerway enduro bearing abec 3

The hubs mostly come with Enduro Bearings Abec3. Front and rear hubs use the same : 28x17x7 (MR17287LLB). You can easily find them on the web between 9€ and 13€ per unit.

moyeux powerway phb-m71 15x100

On the front hub, ends are directly spnaped on bearings, and a floating 17mm diameter cylinder taken between the two bearings support the load.

 frm evo cross country wheel

1550g with FRM Evo rims and Mach1 Prime spokes

The versatility of these hubs allows to build wheels for any type of Cross-Country type bicycle, no matter what kind of transmission you use (for all mountain, a specific model has been developped : the M78). Bearings and sealings are quality one. To preserve the freehub body, you should want to clean the pawls regularly. We can easily find this hubset on Aliexpress around 120€ per pair, or on some European sites, generally unbranded. The internal mechanic (axle, freehub body) are exactly the same on the M32 straight pull hubs.

M71 hub geometry

PHB-M71 front hub PFH-M71 rear hub
PCD (mm) 58,2/58,2 58,2/58,2
Distance hub flange to wheel center
line (mm)
22,87/34,77 34,23/18,87