Weighings of 100 units of Aero 424 Cnpokes (2.0 – 0.9×2.2 – 2.0) black (XD treatment). The aero 424 spokes are equivalent to Cx-Ray’s from Sapim, and Aero X-tra 1420 from Pillar.

Weighings can seems incoherent because they do not increase with length. The reason is that the flat section increases faster than the total length of the spoke.

cnspoke poids en 272mm

Weight Aero424 in 272mm : 4,94g.


In 282mm, 4,95g.

En 288mm, 5,1g.

In 288mm, 5,1g.


In 292mm, 4,91g (lighter than in 288mm…).

Poids Aero424 en 294mm, 4,86g.

4,86g in 294mm.


5,15g in 296mm.

De gauche à droite, 272mm, 288mm, 294mm, 296mm.

From left to right, 272mm, 288mm, 294mm, 296mm.